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A while back we let you guys know that Mary J Blige is in the middle of a divorce. Blige is now trying to convince the judge that her prenup is very valid and far more solid than her marriage to Martin popularly known as ‘Kendu’

This was after MJB’s lawyer, Gary Fishbein, had presented documents asking a judge to give a stamp of approval for the prenup to be effected. What followed was Kendu and his lawyer claiming the prenup is not worth the paper it’s written on- Kendu’s lawyer called it “immensely invalid, unenforceable and unconscionable”.

MJB comes forward to say that just 2 days before their wedding which was December 5th, 2003, the prenuptial agreement was signed.

Don’t forget that she filed for divorce in July and is requesting the judge not force her to grant Kendu spousal support. Here’s hoping she gets through this difficult time.


Written Kike Olowu



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