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By Sarah Oyedo

There’s no denying matte lippies are the “it” of lipsticks these days as they give the perfect finish to every look.

Yet popular as it is, matte lipsticks require a little more effort than its stick counterpart because of its high pigmentation properties not to mention the cracks that appear after a hurried finish. Trust me, those aren’t attractive. Here are simple step by step ways to apply matte lipstick and have the badass look you desire.


1 Exfoliate And Moisturize First

Applying your lipstick right away is just a recipe for disaster. Dead skin on lips causes finish to appear rough and uneven so make sure to exfoliate first. Honey or sugar scrub will do the trick. Afterwards smoothen out all edges with lip balm to make lips soft, smooth and supple.


  1. Outline With Lip Liner

To get perfect shape, outline the edges of your lips with lip liner in a cupid bow.

matte lipstick

  1. Apply Lipstick

Take some product onto a lip brush and apply it evenly all over your lips. Be careful not to miss out the inner corners and ensure you apply it within the corners of your lined lips. Go coat by coat and intensify the color as you please.


  1. Highlight The Edges

After applying lipstick, apply a bit of skin-colored concealer around the edges to create an extra clean line around your lips and more definition. You could apply lip gloss if you desire more shine.


  1. Blot on piece of paper

Take a piece of toilet paper or beauty wipe to take out excess product and extra shine.

And… you’re good to go!

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