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mobile dentist mbd

Dr Omotayo

These days, if you want to make a difference in this world, there is no way you can do that without thinking outside the box.

Dr Temitope Omotayo is a dentist who is bent on making her mark in the world no matter the circumstance. She is the founder of Mobile Dentists (MBD), a team of licensed young, vibrant, energetic and happy professional Dentists – and now she is set on helping at least 3000 children in Nigeria develop healthy teeth.

“MBD is Nigeria’s foremost technology driven mobile dental care outfit that offers customised dental services and consultations through unconventional approach – using mobile and web apps. Our focus is to provide and make dental services available through the use of technology and also educate and empower individuals (young and old) who have desire to enjoy and take care of their teeth,” Dr Omotayo told Accelerate.

Okay here’s a little back story, as told by the dental genius herself: “Mobile Dentists (MBD) started out in year 2012 when I was in 400 Level at the University of Lagos, which was my clinical year of medical school (LUTH); the period students are allowed to carry out minor procedures on patients.

I had a few patients who needed scaling and polishing but just couldn’t make time to visit the clinic, so I would go to their homes and clean their teeth manually. I continued this even after I graduated and a few years later I started buying dental equipment to improve my job delivery and also expand to accommodate more dental procedures. MBD launched officially on the 31st of December, 2017.”

So basically, the Mobile dentist comes in to make sure everyone has the opportunity to access dental care without the major limitations of time, stress and phobia (fear); with services that are timely, convenient, easily accessible and affordable.

Services include: Home Dental Service, scaling and polishing, restoration of cavities, teeth whitening, filling, school education programs, consultations, referrals and many more.

So what is Project 3,000?

mobile dentist mbd

PROJECT 3000 SMILES is a charity project and a way of giving back to the society by educating and empowering 3,000 Nigerian kids in secondary school on Oral Health – how to take care of their mouth/teeth in addition to the health education the school provides.

MBD is of the opinion that every Nigerian child deserves to smile and speak confidently without the fear of bad breath or bad teeth, hence this initiative.

mobile dentist mbd

With this initiative, Dr Omotayo and her team hope to curb the barriers of Oral health education, awareness and sensitization, access to dentists and dental clinic dental care fee; that plague dental health.

Such a great vision for a young woman, you would say. Well, here’s her inspiration.

Dr Omotayo says she is inspired by the passion for what she does – she loves her job. “I have always wanted to be a doctor and save lives, I am glad I am one and I deeply love what I do.” Secondly she is simply pushed on by the need to be outstanding, think deeply and do things out of the box.

mobile dentist mbd

Personal Life:

Doctor Omotayo is a graduate of Dentistry from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos (2014 graduating set) where she was awarded a Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree. She is also a wife, married to an amazing and supportive man and has an adorable 17-month-old son. She enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, dancing, cooking and organising events.

So let’s go empower Project 3000. Check out contact details below to be a part of this project.

Contact details:

Facebook: @Mobile_dentist

Instagram: @Mobile_dentist

Twitter: @mobilebeautydentist

Website: www.mobiledentists.ng

You can also call or WhatsApp on 08174129589

mobile dentist mbd mobile dentist mbd mobile dentist mbd

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