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Singer and comedian, Innocent Udeme Udofot popularly called MC Galaxy is out with his sophomore album titled, “Money Making Machine (MMM)”.


The MC released the album as he marks hia birthday, a project of 16-tracks with sounds from all over Africa.

Production credits go to American producer and rapper Swizz Beatz, Neza and Kelli Pyle, Serge Beynaud with production imprints from Swizz Beatz, Musicman TY, Mastercraft, Spells, Krizbeatz, DJ Coublon and T.Spice.

Based on his view and experience, the Sekem crooner said;

“I used to be an underpaid comedian and also dance for free. Now, things have changed. The album is basically inspired by my story.”


On his purpose of non Nigeria musician collaboration, He said;

“We have sounds from Ghana, Angola, Congo, and America in the album. I am trying to get the African market,”

As regards the direction of the album, since he changed his sound, MC Galaxy said;

“Though I changed my sound in some of the songs, I still have some old beats in some of the songs. About five tracks are bangers. If my experiment with new sound does not work, these bangers will definitely save the day.”


Talking about piracy;

“Right now you can only find my album on iTunes and Music plus. I have not sent it to any blogger, my manager made sure of that. We know if it gets to blogs people would have it for free. And with the response we are getting now, people are buying it.”

“This is the only way we can make money without pirates sweeping in. To be frank, ‘Sekem’ did not make me a lot of money as ‘Bounce it’ remix that is on iTunes. Nigerians will wait until it can be downloaded free.”

“Get the beat right, invest in production and use simple lyrics. If your sound is heavy success is guaranteed. For instance, ‘ComlopCholop’ was about the only thing I said in that single.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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