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There are many perks of being an adult, but let’s be honest, being a kid is hard to beat. You have a lot to eat and drink with reckless abandon without having to even work for any of them. Here’s a list that will revv up some nostalgic feeling:

Bread and Blue Band

Remember the advert-blue band gives you the energy to grow…bread and blue band go together. Your bread meal is absolutely incomplete without these popular butter by Unilever. The brand was widely known because of its quality. But with more kinds of butter flooding the Nigerian market, it has faced stiff competition to survive. But this does not deny the fact that it reminds you of your childhood.

Quaker Oats

If you had the love for oat, then Quaker Oat is what you probably downed. Oat was a popular morning and Quaker Oats was always on ground to serve you. Its popularity got to a point when it became the general name for oats.
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Although quaker oats still exist, its fame has significantly declined.

Saturday Pap and Akara

Are you even a true Nigerian if you did not eat akara and pap o Saturday mornings while growing up? While you and your siblings are sharing morning chores (or duties), the older aunties are in the kitchen whipping up beans and oil to make the perfect breakfast for the family. More often than not, you may even be sent to go and grind the beans somewhere across the street.

Baba Dudu

Baba Dudu was a morning delight for children going to school in the morning. It is one of the street foods they love to buy because it is tasty and delicious. And you know anything that is tasty would definitely attract the attention of children. The adults that licked baba dudu when they were young will never forget its evergreen taste.

Pizza with grilled cheese

Just when you thought grilled cheese couldn’t get any better, it joins forces with pizza to make all your comfort food dreams come true. First, the bread is coated with roasted garlic mascarpone and herbs, then it’s topped with a three-cheese blend, pressed together, and melted with love. Say cheese!

By Damilola Faustino

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