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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s split in 2017 was quite messy so the two artistes have taken advantage of various occasion to throw jabs at each other.

The latest is the possible Nicki Minaj diss in Meek Mill’s unreleased track, that recently leaked.
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nicki minaj and meek mill

A leaked snippet of a track by the 31-year-old rapper was posted online by Houston Rockets player James Harden, who could be seen raising his eyebrows as he listened to Meek’s new lyrics.

The lyrics hear Meek apparently dissing an unnamed ex-girlfriend and her new partner, leaving fans wondering if they subjects in question were Nicki and her new boo Petty.

“This sh*t beyond me, you were supposed to be my Beyoncé / Now you this ni**a fiancée?” spits Meek.

“F*ck you mean you feel a connection? / He listen to you, what? / This ni**a wear Balenciaga with boot-cut jeans / What the f*ck you losing your mind? / Ayo, call my f*cking phone back, yo.”

He continues, “Everytime you post this ni**a wanna smoke this ni**a / We just broke up last year, how you know this ni**a? / You was cheating on me or sleeping on me?”

“Man, f*ck all that / You with this bum-a** ni**a, he ain’t up like that / Real ni**a to a weirdo, he ain’t cut like that / Twelve rounds in that p*ssy, he don’t f*ck like that.”

Meek Mill, however, set the record straight amid these speculations. He took to Twitter to write: “Stop the bap I’m like on my 6 girl in the last 2 years let me live,”.

He then added: “Y’all gotta hear the whole thing first ….. just chill.”

Minaj is now dating her childhood sweetheart from Queens, Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty, who reunited with Minaj at the end of last year.

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