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By Damilola Faustino

Meek Mill’s lawyers have filed an updated bail motion in Superior Court just one day after Judge Genece Brinkley called the Philadelphia rapper a “danger to the community” and denied his newest bail request.

Meek Mill

The Philadelphia native is currently serving a two to four-year prison sentence for violating his probation, and he’s been trying to get out for weeks now.

Last week, Meek’s legal team filed an emergency petition to be granted bail because Judge Brinkley hadn’t responded to his earlier petition.

From there, Judge Brinkley filed an “Order and Opinion” motion denying Meek’s bail request pending the adjudication of his “pending motion to modify sentence and any pending appeal.”

Now, Meek wants the Pennsylvania Superior Court to reconsider his new motion for bail because Judge Brinkley’s motion “does not mention” or “address the legally, logically and chronologically prior motion for the recusal,” according to the petition.

Additionally, Meek Mill’s lawyers say Judge Brinkley’s reasons for denying Meek’s bail are “inapt and unpersuasive.”

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