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Cynthia CvonThe year was 2007.

In Greenwich, London, the MOBO Awards were going down at the O2 Arena. Tuface and another Nigerian Artist were nominated, and it was the first time the Best African Act Category was included as a part of the Main show. So it was a BIG DEAL!! Tuface wore a red T-shirt with a Black Jacket over it.

And the winner is..

Why do I remember this so vividly 9 years after?

Well, it’s kinda how you never forget events surrounding life changing moments for You. Like, where you were when you got the call that you had landed your first Job …

The T-shirt he wore when he said “It’s Over”… What you were having for lunch when you heard Abacha had died or even that Buhari had won the elections. (I’m glad you get it!)

thats enough

For me, that defining moment was whether (or not!)  I would nail a mouth-watering contract to become Mtv Base’s First Nigerian VJ. The finale was happening that weekend and we were (all 3 finalists) hanging out in my hotel room watching the MOBOs.

And the winner is…Cynthia Cvon

Me!! After 2 months of grueling tasks, I had successfully knocked out 3000 contestants to become the newest face on TV. Right there and then, my future was decided. So what if I had a degree in Computer Science? This was a globe-trotting, Dollar paying, Interact with all the A-list Celebrities-while-you-become-one Opportunity!! Hell, yes I took the job.

Back to the Mobo Story..

The winner is …

Tuface Idibia!! The crowd went wild.. The Nigerian gang, including the other musician who got nominated (name rhymes with Solange), all went on Stage together to receive the award. Tuface received the plaque, grabbed the mic ready to give his acceptance speech and the unimaginable happened..

The glass plaque fell and shattered.. but that is jist for another day.

This was all 9 years ago, Tuface has gone on to attain almost living legend status in the African Music Scene, and I have moved from presenter to TV Producer/Radio Show host ….Well! Throw in Mummy too if you’d like.

Now, I have this page to quirk over all the OMG!! moments from the Entertainment industry.

This should be fun!!!

Written By Cynthia Cvon

Social: @cynthia_cvon

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