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Rory (TripZapp)Travel is more than just going somewhere, it’s about the experience. Explore more!

Hiya! I’m Rory from TripZapp. TripZapp is an online platform that aims to promote travel as a lifestyle for Nigerians. You might call us a travel agent type crew, but we are much more than just that.

What we specialize at is curating fabulous and exciting experiences for Nigerian travelers who explore farther and journey deeper into various parts of the world.

Tripzapp travel

We provide travel tips so you too can be an extraordinary traveller and make travel a part of your life. Our team of travel consultants create amazing local and international trips, with curated day to day activities within each and every trip. So, now you can enjoy an unforgettable travel experience without ever stressing over planning. When it comes to travel we’ve got you covered.


Welcome to TripZapp and get set to join in on the exciting journeys of different Nigerian travelers on this column, (Yes, if you don’t want to travel, you can live vicariously through the TripZapp community) and get destination tips, ideas and inspiration for your next travel adventure.

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– Twitter: @TripZapp_

–  Website: www.tripzapp.net

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