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Oscar in the CityBuddha once hit me up in the dm saying …”No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path“.

This is based on the fact that there is a path laid out, or you just move through the forest and look back to see the path that you have made. Well, mine is the latter.

Chemical engineer turned broadcaster/media entrepreneur is the gist of my life, of course not forgetting all the excitement along the way. But before we get stuck in to this here is a note to you the reader…I am an introvert, I am a lover, I am dreamer, I am restless and going by my Aries star sign… a natural born leader and fearless ram (figure of speech of course) that is able to get things going in an instant and is willing to try anything. So that is exactly what I did… I tried “almost” anything.

oscar in the city

In my 200 level, I worked (all at once) for my first radio station (UNILAG FM), The BBC World Service Trust and caught up with my engineering studies till I graduated. Had a quick spell in advertising and later joined Inspiration Fm as an OAP and then back to the BBC (now BBC Media Action) as a producer in Abuja.

Oscar and Titi the mrs

While in Abuja, my Mrs hits me up via SMS that we about to have a set of twin girls (stopped singing the “everything na double double” song after that day in church or anywhere for that matter). Quit my BBC Abuja job in 3 days (a national record I still hold by the way *wink*) to join my wife in Lagos to resume as an OAP/Programmes Director with City Fm. Then I quit City Fm at start of this year…

Oscarinthecity is a compilation of snapshots of moments in my life (work, love, business, temptations, failures, fatherhood, husbandhood and hustlehood) laced with thought provoking lessons that I would love to share with the world, and hopefully I can learn from you as well.

Oscar in the City

Broadcasters/media personalities have been known to change the world…Obafemi Awolowo, Ronald Reagan, Oprah Winfrey, Gbemileke Oscar Oyinsan (*wink*).

Welcome to my city and lets walk that path together.

Written by Gbemileke Oscar Oyinsan…I believe in media and its power to effect change…on a journey to know how! 

– Twitter/Instagram:@oscarinthecity    

– Facebook/LinkedIn: Gbemileke Oscar Oyinsan 

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