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Tobe NnejiHey there people. My name is Tobe Nneji, but you can call me TobeDaDiva… (Well that’s what they call me on social media, so let’s run with that). Let’s talk about love and all that it comes with.

We all know that human connections are the core of our existence, and of those connections, how many are more important than the one we share with our special someone 🙂

Ok. Don’t get cocky and say “er..well, I could come up with a list of connections that don’t involve a spouse”. I know you can but I need you to stay with me… Ok? Ok!

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I have lost and won in love and friendships so many times (I actually think I should get some sort of award for still having my heart, head and self-esteem intact) and as hectic as it is to admit that, it also has given me a bit of an insight into how people function when their heart is governing their reality. Then again, I am also opinionated and like to give my own third party view point on matters, so it really might just be me being an ITK (if you don’t know what that means, ask your friends who schooled in Naija in the early 90s).

All in all though, I like to check on human relationships, and poke my nose into how people are doing (heart wise), and give my own spin on it.

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Purple Hair Flow

In this column, “….according to TobeDaDiva”, I will go through it all with you. Sometimes, I could even be your agony aunt, but most times, I will make up lists (in my favorite odd numbers), of all things that connect humans, according to me.

So stay close, grab some pop corn and get ready for an exciting ride!

Written by TobeDaDivaStudent of Life, Citizen of the World, Undying Spirit of a Phoenix and yes, a Lover of Love and the color Purple.

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