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Meet the ‘Fake’ Iranian Messi

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A photo of a Messi look-alike went viral on the internet after he was pictured in an iconic Messi jersey.

Reza Parastesh, an Iranian student who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Barcelona star went around taking pictures with people as he posed as the Barca legend.

Unfortunately for the 25 year old, the police in Hamadan had to impound his car and take him into the station to quell the stir caused when the lookalike, self-dubbed the “Iranian Messi” spent the weekend prompting people to take photos with him.

unnamed (1)

Left: Fake Messi, Right: Real Messi

Well, it turns out that the student got the idea from his dad a few months ago when his father asked his son to pose in a replica Messi jersey. That led to Parastesh styling his hair both facially and on his head like the Argentine superstar.

Parastesh saw it as a source of inspiration to people…”I’m really happy that seeing me makes them happy and this happiness gives me a lot of energy.”

Maybe he has found himself a new career path – imitating Messi… Lol

Written by Chineze Ogugua

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