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askdamz healthHi Everyone! My name is Adedamola Ladejobi; and I’m sure you are wondering how exactly I can lead you to better health… Well, to move forward, we have to look at where we have been.

I use to be pretty big, I was overweight by 35kg according to the body mass index and well I was determined to change my life and after research and many trials I lost the weight and have maintained this weight loss for over 3 years now.

See, I am a Lawyer by educational qualifications, but with all the knowledge gained through my weight loss adventure I took the next step and became a certified personal nutritionist and weight loss Expert/Coach. After that I went on to acquire a a diploma in Nutrition and Weight loss and have worked as an educationist for five years before the venture into weight loss and dieting began.

askdamz before and after

AskDamz before and after…

The combination of all my passed and recently gained knowledge and skills couldn’t be kept just to myself, so I have done what I can to help thousands of people all over the world who have issues of weight loss and dieting.

AskDamz Before and After

So everyday I do my utmost to make sure people can learn from me and my experiences. As a married woman (7 years and 2 kids ages; 7 & 3) taking care and helping people is an inbuilt skill and passion of mine.

However, we are all human and cravings will come… I’m certainly what you might call a ‘’foodie’’… But instead of going all out on a buffet etc, I like reading food-related research/articles, I also like writing food related blog posts, and love eating healthy and delicious foods. So I always go out of my way to learn about the health benefits and medicinal properties of the foods we eat!

healthy food

Grilled salmon & Moimoi by @dishes_by_chefjess …Fitfam meal approved

Now here I am to share and discuss with you all. As my nutrition expertise is regularly featured in the media, presentations on the Radio, in news papers, and also on social media/the web (www.askdamz.com).

I just know we are going to have so much fun with this. So stay strapped in and let’s Accelerate you to a healthier you.

Written by Adedamola Ladejobi

Nutritionist, Weight loss Expert/Coach

Email: [email protected]


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