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Faith History Headphones Hello World! My name is Faith History, and I can see a lot of fun in your future… But before we get there, let’s have a look at a little “History”…

My foray into the digital world started quite by mistake, and dare I say I was actually dragged into it kicking and screaming (not)! Straight out of Uni (after getting my Communications degree), I got a job offer as a reward for my preceding 12 months of slogging away as the only intern in a large marketing department of an IT services company (not sure how I made it through that).

I was totally clueless, and seemed to get in everyone’s way (not to mention on their nerves to boot), but I did my best to learn quickly and when the opportunity came, I jumped on it. Data management was so boring though…I mean how did a person like me get trapped behind a desk, staring computer screen all day???

So after a while, I spoke to a mentor about the inconsistency of my work life and my personality and she said “you need to do something more creative.. so move on if you have to!” So just like that, I did,  I moved on… All the way to New York, and from there over the next couple of years, I was able to explore various aspects of my creativity from fashion styling, producing photoshoots, email marketing to even advertising.

Faith history pink

Once I landed my first advertising agency job I realised I had found my calling (for the time being). Surrounded by so many creatives, suits and web programmers alike, it was a match made in a creative/stylish/strategic/geek heaven and I was glad I had kept up the search to find myself a meaningful career path, and chosen not to continue life as a web programmer.

Years later,  I made another career switch and decided to follow my heart and here we are…once more, it seems I’m a lucky enough and somehow managed to mash up all my loves into one stylish media geek career!

Faith history She Rocks

Now…the journey continues as I will be sharing my online discoveries with you and try to make you fall in love thoroughly with the digital world of things, as much as you do in the offline world.

Faith Temitope Nsa

Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/FaceBook – @faithhistory

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