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The Sneinton C of E Primary School pupil, Matthew Smith, 11 became the youngest person in the world, to conduct an orchestra, after he led 75 musicians from the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra (NSO) as part of Animal Magic, beating the record of Jose Angel Salazar, 14, who conducted in his native Venezuela in 2012.
Matthew Smith2

Animal Magic is a show organised by NSO to raise money for Hope Nottingham, which helps disadvantaged people in the city.

They played Johann Strauss’ operetta Die Fledermaus to an audience of 1,300 persons.

Fielding questions in an interview with Nothingham Post, Smith said:

I have never conducted an orchestra before, so this will be my first time. I love all the instruments coming together to make one amazing sound.”

Matthew Smith1

The youngster, who enjoys his music is enjoying the fame, as he told the press:

“I am kind of famous – some people ask for my autograph when I am walking to school now! I don’t know if conducting will be my future but I will carry on doing music. I know one day that I will conduct again. Staying in time and knowing when to go and when to stop – that’s what makes a good conductor.”

His mother, Beverly Riley is expectedly proud of the young boy:

Matthew Smith3

“I was quite nervous for him because he is 11-years-old and he is young. I just want him to enjoy the experience, I am very proud of him,” she said.

According to NSO conductor, Derek Williams, who trained him, Smith is an extraordinarily gifted child, who has an inherent natural ability.

He explained how he discovered the young boy:

“His mum came up to me when he was seven years old and said ‘my son wants to play violin’. So I found this battered old instrument and put it under his chin. Within two to three lessons, I thought ‘wow – what have we got here?’ You can recognise talent. We went from there and within six weeks, he was playing ‘Ode To Joy’ in front of his whole school.

Matthew Smith

“Two years ago, I said ‘look at this piece over Christmas’ – Strauss’ Die Fledermaus – then I will give you a conducting lesson afterwards’, but he had already conducted it all the way through from memory.

“I told Nottingham Symphony Orchestra, ‘I have got a nine-year-old that is going to conduct you’ and they said ‘no you haven’t’ and it went from there.”

Williams also said Matthew has “an inherent natural ability the like of which I have not seen for 30 years.

Such a gifted child.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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