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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby is already setting new records and he or she is not even born yet!

meghan markle and prince harry

The royal couple’s first child has triggered a betting frenzy with a record breaking amount of cash being placed on the date of birth, sex and name of the child.

According to betting intelligence website bookmakers.tv bookies expect more then £8million on the new royal baby, who is due to arrive around April.

This is massively more than the £3 million bet on Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince George combined.

Company spokesperson Philip Trampe said: “Meghan and Harry’s popularity is off the charts and their good news will send the public into a royal betting frenzy of epic proportions.

“Fans are so keen to speculate on every aspect of the baby and millions will be riding on the name, arrival date and sex among many other predictions.

“Up until now, Harry and Meghan’s wedding was the Royal event attracting the largest number of novelty bets on record as bookies took in just over 3.5m in bets.

“Yet the couple’s unborn baby is attracting more than double that amount in bets already.”

Punters having been putting their money on what the royal baby will be called, with Diana taking nearly 15 per cent of all bets.

What do you think the royal baby will be called?

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