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By Sarah Oyedo

David Wej, a menswear bespoke brand has unveiled its “Live Your Dream” campaign and it is as sophisticated as it is dapper. The campaign features Ghanaian actor, producer, presenter and all-time superman Mawuli Gavor.

david wej

David Wej believes in a world where people can dream big, where every human has a purpose; where each day in the life of every being can be meaningful. Yes, dreams can sometimes be difficult to achieve, but the strength of the person lies in the ability to dare, even in the midst of adversity.

The new campaign by David Wej purposes at inspiring every individual to live out their dream, celebrating the heroism in selected personalities, either through their careers, lifestyles, among many other things. These young Africans, Nigerians live according to set goals, take action that help them to live their best life.

david wej

The campaign video displays Mawuli Gavor sharing his journey.  Even as a child, Mawuli had always been very particular about his personal style. He was the child that would iron his shoelaces and wear a belt over his pajamas. It’s safe to say that he hasn’t exactly changed much as he has grown to become one of the most stylish men to grace our television screens. His style has played a major role in the progress of his career as looks are very important when you are appearing on the screens of a large number of audience.

This new campaign will feature icons and leaders across various industries ranging from banking to government to fashion to media and many more.

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david wej david wej  david wej

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