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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

How cool is it that Accelerate TV’s Fashion Fix host, Mercy Ajisafe has landed a new ambassadorial deal with skin care brand Makara de Suisse as their latest beauty influencer?

Super cool!

The actress and TV personality took to her Instagram to make this known.

She said:

“Hey beautiful people, I’m super excited to announce that I am now working with Makari de Suisse as their latest beauty influencer.  Makari is an international beauty brand that offers beauty solutions specifically for women of color.  In the past, I’ve suffered from occasional post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, and as someone who loves to go make up free, you can probably guess that these periods haven’t been fun for me. I’ve found Makari has been essential on my quest for consistently clear, healthy and even toned skin.

2 in 3 women suffer from hyper pigmentation, and whilst it’s imperative to stress that as woman, and as a being, I promote self love above anything. I also promote being your best self, and I feel better when my skin is free from acne marks

If you’d like to see whether @makariofficialnigeria can help solve your skin problems. Make sure you follow me on #mymakrijourney
Photographer: @kolaoshalusi
Makeup: @prospottedmakeover
Creative Direction:@vienne_live

Congratulations Mercy!

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