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Relationships among millennials and digital natives have been drastically redefined. Thanks to social media.

facebook love

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are having a huge influence on our love life. Today, you can connect with anyone with the tap of your smartphone keypad. And yippee, you are in a relationship!

Apparently, it is not unusual for you to hear I met her on Facebook and she is the love of my life. I can’t live without her…bla…bla…bla…But wait o, you met her on social media. But how is it that you are so much in love with him or her?

So, you will narrate all these when your friends or parents asks you where you met? You are on your own!

This is the skepticism or cynicism that quite a number of people have about social media relationships. This is as a result of the unpleasant experiences some people have had when they entered into such a bond.

facebook love1

But really, if you met your girlfriend or boyfriend on social media, is there anything wrong with that? It is an emphatic NO. We are no longer in the Stone Age where someone will just bring a girl and order you to marry her.

Additionally, social media has helped others who don’t have the confidence to woo girls. They may be scared of being rejected or they have girlwoophobia (a word we invented for the fear of wooing girls). So, social media is an escape for them. In this case, they will only break the ice and afterward, if both of you are interested, you can take it offline.

Taking a potential relationship offline is where people are very carefree. You don’t throw caution to the dogs. You have to be concerned about your safety. You should both agree on where to meet and it should be an eatery. You should never go to his house no matter how enticing it is. Importantly, don’t forget to inform your close friends where you are going.

Like they say love is blind. And you can love anyone including the person you meet on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Written by Damilola Faustino

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