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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

The long awaited 9th issue of “Might of Guardian Prime” is finally available! Brought to you by the creative team of Wale Awelenje and Stanley “Stanch” Obende, this issue continues one of the two parallel stories currently being published by Comic Republic, starring their flagship character, “Guardian prime”, the other being “Guardian Prime: Genesis

might of guardian prime

Guardian Prime won’t be new to any fans of Comic Republic- the titular superhero has graced the covers of their books for the longest time of any book published by them

Created by the CEO of the studio himself, Jide Martin, Guardian Prime is a powerful superhero in patriotic Nigerian colours that embodies not just what it means to be Nigerian, but what it means to be Human as well.

Guardian Prime issue 9 is straight up superhero action. Titled “What Heroes Do” (which, if this issue is any indication, seems to be “absolutely beat up the bad guys until they completely lose the will to fight”), the episode picks up where the last instalment in the “Might of Guardian Prime” series left off… with the eponymous superhero observing from a distance, as a dire situation within his power to influence, degenerates further and further, due to the reluctance of the US Government to accept the aid and protection of a Nigerian. GP’s resolve to protect the innocent is put against his desire to respect the wishes of the world’s governments, and as the battle escalates further and further, things come to a head in spectacular fashion!

Guardian Prime is a unique title that blends African folklore with current events and science fiction. As the flagship character of Comic Republic, Guardian Prime also entertains guest appearances by other notable heroes in the Comic Republic universe…in this issue, he receives support from none other than the Extremes, heroes of yet another long running comic republic series, “Hero Generation.”

This book will appeal to any audience that finds itself interested in comic books and also serves as a great gateway to the world of African comics.

Fans of African folklore and mythology will also get a chuckle out of the book’s many references to actual African myths. And of course, there is no shortage of action!

Might of Guardian Prime issue 9: What Heroes Do” is available now. Click here to Visit Comic Republic and choose any comic book of your choice!

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