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Minding the business that pays you loosely translates to “focus on the things that benefit you.” Ideally, this is something that everyone should practice. Minding your business, however, seems to be a foreign concept to many Nigerians.

If you are minding the business that pays you, there should not be enough time in your day to sit and gossip about people that do not know you. To some, the quote applies solely to businesses that bring money. Meanwhile, other things can pay you. Your relationships and networks can pay you. Your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing can pay you. In addition, your talents can pay you. These benefits come in different forms and should be your priority, not someone else’s life.

In essence, minding your business means that you are concerned with building yourself in different areas of your life. You can start doing this by intentionally doing certain things that eventually become a part of your lifestyle. For instance, how you react or pay attention to “Twitter gist” that has nothing to do with you. The gist might be sweet, but if you are going to pay attention to it, it should benefit you somehow.

The best way to incorporate this advice into your life is to repeatedly ask yourself, “What am I getting from doing this?” If you are not receiving anything valuable from what you choose to focus on, then you need to avoid or stop it. There needs to be a limit to the amount of painkillers you take for other people’s troubles. Moreover, you need to be more worried about the goals you want to attain and how you are working towards them.

Focus on your bag and peace of mind.

By: Oshoriame

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