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Afropop’s triple-threat producer, artiste and songwriter, Minz, has released his latest single ‘234’. The song, which is self-produced and written by the artiste confronts an unfaithful, ex-lover over an off-kilter Afrofusion beat.



“When making 234, I wanted to tap into a new energy, bring my listeners into a new Minz realm. The song is a trip, from the first sample. I want you to elevate when you listen…I was tryna tap into a different energy and I realised that when I produce, I bring out the beast like I go super saiyan or something lol.”- Minz

Minz started working on music straight out of high school, assembling his friends to create original songs and even trying his hand at rapping.  After studying International Law & Diplomacy at university, he made the decision to pursue his dreams of becoming a full time musician and has since become known for tracks such as ‘Talk’‘Odoyewu’, ‘Gyal’ and his poignant ode to all shades of Black skin ‘Skin’, which have started to introduce his signature sounds to the world.


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