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Ladies naturally get excited when going to shop at their favourite store. Clearly, they go there probably prepared to buy the best and latest wears. Sometimes, the price does not matter (other times, it absolutely does).

But, while shopping, you have to try on the clothes so that you get to purchase the correct size. However, in the process of trying on these clothes, there are common mistakes ladies make. If you are not mindful of these mistakes, you may buy clothes you will never wear (we can all relate) and this means you wasted your hard earned money. Or worse, you may end up not even buying anything. So here are mistakes to avoid when trying on new clothes:

removing clothes

You are too nervous to remove your clothes

Stores usually provide the changing room(s) where you can easily change your clothes. But, you refuse to try on the clothes because you feel people are looking or gazing at you (I personally feel like there are cameras in all private rooms in public places, but that’s just my thought – no proof). But if you feel that way, you should go to the toilet to change and if there are no toilets; just use the changing room. Forget about others looking at you. Because, really, no one is. And if they are, be comforted knowing that they are doing something illegal and will get caught one day and pay for it.


Trying too many clothes

You only want to buy one cloth but you have tried on 7 or  8 clothes. You are not only embarrassing yourself, you are also stressing out the attendant. The annoying thing some girls do is that after trying on the clothes, they do not buy anyone because they cannot find the one they prefer or like. Try to make up your mind before you go into the changing room, so that you can save everyone the stress. Plus trying on too many clothes will only confuse you and leave you not purchasing what you really want.

unnamed (1)

Not knowing your body shape

Not knowing your body shape before you go shopping is a serious mistake. Consequently, you will just remove clothes that look nice and beautiful on the hanger but are not the correct shape or size for your body. Henceforth, know your body shape before trying on any cloth when you go shopping.


Written By Damilola Faustino

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