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By Damilola Faustino

Social media offers you a ready-made audience to market or sell your small business. It has billions of users across the different social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The way that this huge audience of users react to your page can either be deal-making or detrimental. As such, it is important for you to do it the right. In line with this, we share mistakes to avoid when promoting your small business on social media. You can either do an organic or paid promotion:

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Broadcasting only your product

Broadcasting your business on social media is one of the biggest no-nos. But the sad reality is that instead of focusing on fans and being part of a community, too many small businesses blast away about their products and services. Social media is all about authenticity, so if a business does not focus on customers in a way that feels genuine and just focuses on itself, the community will see right through it. You should look for ways to nurture the community and support their interests.

Showing inconsistent company culture

Many small businesses neglect the importance of making sure that the appearance of their social media page is in line with their business visions and goals. The page is a part of their company and therefore should display the same personality as the business itself.

Staying in your comfort zone

With so many small businesses competing for a space in the News Feed social media users, you might feel like playing it safe is your best option. This, for most businesses, means sticking to one type of content and putting rest of the content strategy on autopilot.

Being afraid to spend money on tests

The most important step in creating social media ads is the testing stage. But as a small business, you may think you don’t have the funds to spend on ad testing. This is a huge mistake — testing ads actually save you money by ensuring that you’re not blowing money on ads that don’t work. Rather than running several different versions of an ad and hoping that one works, you’ll know through testing which version is best.

Posting sporadically

No matter how much work you’ve put into creating the perfect page, if you don’t post frequently enough people will lose interest and move on. Avoid this by creating a posting schedule specific to your product and audience. When creating a posting schedule, consider both frequency and time of day.

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