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You have worked very hard and the results speak for itself. You think you deserve a raise. However, your organisation is not doing anything pertaining to that. Obviously, you do not fancy discussing salary increase with your Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer. If you cannot do this, you have to wait for the opportunity to be invited for such negotiation. And when you eventually get the chance, many people find negotiation difficult because of their desire to please, to come to an agreement and to compromise. This doesn’t have to be the case. Here are mistakes you should never make when negotiating a salary raise.

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Don’t be emotional

The business or office environment does not accommodate emotional employees. Every decision is based on merit and laid down rules and regulations. Although this does not exempt favouritism, your salary negotiation will be hinged on the aforementioned. So, do not become mushy when negotiating. You may do this to drive home the fact that you deserve a raise but it is wrong.

Don’t go to the meeting unprepared

Regardless of the fact that employees are not allowed to reveal how much they earn, it is not wrong to research what people in your position previously got paid. In addition, check out job and career sites that list salary information. Arm yourself with this and you are guaranteed a raise.

It is not the time to impress your boss

Ladies may decide to overdress in order impress and get unwarranted or undeserved attention. With the information at your disposal, you should be able to get your increase without trying to awe everyone. Even if your boss is interested in you, he will not be only one to make the decision.

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Negotiating over email

Negotiation is much more effective if it is done face-to-face. Not by email or any other means. The issue of salary increase is very important. Hence, sending it via email is only trivialising it.

Don’t make it seem your current salary is a problem

You do not want to give the feeling that you are unhappy with what you are currently earning. If you do this, you have missed the opportunity to make any headway. As a rule, do not start the negotiation with complaints.

Don’t ask closed-ended questions

Close-ended questions only require yes or no answers.  Ask your employer a lot of questions so you can find out the company’s position or stance on salary raise.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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