Mocheddah Is ‘All Grown Up’ On The Cover Of Guardian Life

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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Singer cum fashion designer, Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi known with her stage name Mocheddah is the cover star for Guardian Life‘s latest edition.

The rapper came into the music scene in 2009 before going on a hiatus. She spoke at length about everything, from her departure from the music industry to her future plans for her brand on this issue tagged ‘Mocheddah: All Grown Up’.

According to the singer who entered the music scene when she was 13, she took a break from music as a result of the fact that she was missing out on life as musician.

In her words: “So when I was 21, I decided anything that doesn’t make me happy, I’ll stop it. I was lost and I knew I was clueless and overwhelmed. I told my mum I didn’t want to do this anymore because I didn’t know who I was. My friends were having fun, making mistakes, living life and I wasn’t. I was famous, I was popular, I had money, I could do what I wanted, and I had a lot of freedom.

“I saw other people living life and it became clear… I was 21, and I thought this was not a way to live. I didn’t watch movies anymore. I didn’t watch TV. I was missing out on life and that is when I stopped everything.”

She has since floated her own fashion company called

Her songs include Ko Ma Roll, If You Want Me and more recently, Survive.

Check out Mocheddah’s All-Grown-Up photos in the slides above.


Creative Direction: @beatriceporbeni

Photographer: @jerrie_rotimi

Styling: @nkemokafor and @globaladdict

Makeup: @eyesome_beauty

Hair: @beautyace7

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