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There are so many things that divide Nigeria as a country. Things like religion, politics, ideology, culture, and ethnicity among others. Thus, the term our diversity is our strength.


But, some Nigerians do not agree. They say that our diversity is a major problem and they have gone as far as calling for the disintegration of the country. The perfect response to this is that they are asked to look at what is happening in South Sudan. We do not want that to happen in Nigeria.

Amidst all these divides from North to South, East and West; there must be something that unites us. Yes, there are. Drum roll…It is Football (sports) and Jollof Rice! Are you shocked?

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - FEBRUARY 10: Nigeria celebrate during the 2013 Orange African Cup of Nations Final match between Nigeria and Burkina Faso from the National Stadium on Februray 10, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Lee Warren / Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Since other things divide us, we must find something that unites us!

Football is the most popular sports in Nigeria and it is very much loved in the country. You should see the passion Nigerians display when Nigeria wins or loses a match.

When we win a match, that is the moment you see a Yoruba man hugging a hausa man, and a Tiv man hugging an Idoma man. Also, this is when an APC man will give a PDP man a warm embrace.

Normally, these individuals are not friends but with sports, they forget these divisions and come together to support Nigeria whenever we play a football match. We can use sports as a tool to promote unity.


The other one is Jollof Rice. You dare not joke with Nigerian Jollof except you are looking for trouble. You need to see how every Nigerian nothwithstanding their background or affiliations defend Jollof Rice. It is now known all over the world that Nigerian Jollof Rice is the best. Thanks to the unified front presented in the defense.

This doesn’t take away the fact that we are not united. Why can’t we push aside our differences and move Nigeria forward? Let us show the same passion we display when we defend Nigerian Jollof Rice and when we celebrate Nigeria winning the nation’s Cup.

If we do, this country will definitely move forward?

What else do you think can unite Nigeria? Drop your comments please.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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