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Passion is vital in everything you do. Passionate people carry more energy, enthusiasm, and they always seem to be happier than the apathetic folks. In the workplace, passionate people are always at the forefront when it comes to coming up with ideas, executing on projects, and achieving meaningful results. As such, if you want to achieve more, become more, then you need to find creative ways to connect passion with your work. When talking about your career, passion is what should ideally get you up in the morning, it is what gets you excited about driving to work, and it keeps you motivated at work to achieve meaningful results. If your passion is ebbing, these tips will help you rediscover your passion.

Identify the purpose of the role

Are you in a position today that you are not excited or passionate about? Find the purpose of why you are hired. Is it because you need to make more sales so that your company can make more money? Is it to help the company to design its new product that will solve specific challenges for humanity? Whatever the case may be, you need to understand your impact on the organization.

Commit to making the situation temporary

If you are currently working in a job that you are not passionate about, you must ensure that it did not become a permanent situation. You cannot live to your fullest potential if you stay long at a job that you are not passionate about or happy about. Make it temporary by working on getting a better position that will closely match your desires.

Build needed skills to be successful

You found yourself in a position that you are not passionate about, you need to do everything you can to learn and acquire as many skills as you can in the role, and do all you can to find something else that you can enjoy and be more productive.

Re-assess the situation

Is it possible that there was something in particular that you did not enjoy about your job? Is there anything you can do to take out that specific thing that you don’t enjoy? The point here is that you need to identify what you don’t like, and find ways of doing less of those things, and move towards what you considered enjoyable. That way, you will be able to work and stay passionate at work.

Accept the challenges

Why are you not enjoying the job? Is it because of the difficulties, you may need to step up and embrace the challenges that come with the position to have some fun and stay passionate in your career? Be a learner, and understand that problems are part of the growth process. Without confronting and learning from those challenges, it will be difficult for you to grow and advance in your career.

Be bold & quit

There is a common saying that “Winners don’t quit.” While perseverance is a great skill, knowing when to quit is a useful attribute to possess. Is the job situation not improving? You have tried all the suggestions above, and nothing seems to be working. If you are not excited and passionate about your work, then you should be bold enough to leave and look for something new to do.

By: Damilola Faustino

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