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A whole lot of people don’t like Mondays. Not because it is the first day of the week but because of the forced transition from fun and relaxation to work. Add in the fact that—due to those two carefree days you spent away from the office—it is often the most stressful and busy part of the week, and it’s no wonder many do not look forward to Mondays. This article shares simple things you can do to make Mondays more exciting.

Go to bed early

Making Monday more tolerable actually starts on Sunday. If you want to set yourself up for beginning-of-the-week success, you should actually start on Sunday. The best thing you can do? Hit the bed early. Resist the temptation and climb into bed late so that you can start your week off feeling at least somewhat rested and recharged.

Drink a glass of water rather than coffee

Rather than down a cup of coffee on a Monday morning, it is advisable you drink a glass of water to prevent you from being hooked to caffeine. Drinking water in the morning can prevent you from experiencing dehydration—which can result in fatigue, headaches and dizziness.

Avoid morning meetings

The start of the week might feel like the perfect time for a meeting—it’s a chance for everyone to get caught up and on the same page for the next few days. However, while there’s nothing wrong with Monday meetings, it’s better if you reserve any of those sit-downs for later in the afternoon. Why? Well, that it’s actually a time when we’re at our most energetic and creative. So, with that in mind, it’s best if you can use your this time for productive work.

Start with something productive

You should start your Monday with something productive.  So get started on some real, meaningful work as soon as possible. Rather than treating the first few hours of Monday as your chance to catch up on all weekend gists with your friends. You should get started on completing a larger task or project immediately.

Do something you enjoy

Monday can be a bit of a drag. Fortunately, you can pick your spirits up a little by ensuring that you leave a little bit of time for something you enjoy. Whether it’s a workout class, a happy hour with friends, a walk during your lunch break, or even some quiet time to sit down and read, reserving some “you time” will save you from viewing Monday as such a no-good, terrible day.


Even if you start off in a totally sour mood, do your best to paste a smile on your face a few times —it could serve to actually make you happier.

By: Damilola Faustino

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