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Written By Damilola Faustino

A future that every young person looks forward to is leaving their parent’s home, renting an apartment and living on their own. You would be free from their control and of course, you have the freedom to do whatever you like. Of course, you know that to leave, you need money. Maybe you now have a lot of money at your disposal, which is why you are leaving. Regardless, you must know that before you exit, there are some money actions you must make. This is important if you do not want to go broke and return to your parent’s home. It will definitely be embarrassing.


Make a plan for moderate spending

Do not say because you have moved out of your parent’s home you start spending extravagantly and indiscriminately because no one is around to tell you what to do. You should be disciplined and ensure you live within your means even if you have the capability to buy anything you want. To do this, you can create a workable budget and practice paying bills.

Consider where you want to live

Whether you are in college or working, you should consider the location of where you want to reside. This is because you do not want to spend all your salary on transport fare. In fact, if the distance between where you are moving to and your workplace is remote, it is advisable you stay in your parent’s home or squat with a friend. You can do this until you raise enough money to rent a house.

Learn to cook

Persons who move out of their parent’s home are likely to patronise a restaurant to satisfy their hunger pangs because they do not have cooking skills or because they are too lazy to cook. The former is true. If you can cook, you will save thousands of naira you will spend on mama put.

Ensure you are able to renew your rent

It is pretty stupid that after renting a house for a year, you are unable to renew it the following year. It is either the landlord will throw you out or you return to your parent’s home. So, even if you earn so much, you figure out how to renew your rent after one year or two. Importantly, ensure that the rent is one you can easily renew without inconveniencing yourself.

Learn from your parents

You have so much to learn from your parents before you eventually move out. With the years of experiences and engagements they have garnered, they can teach you some tips and tricks on how to live on your own. Do not hesitate to ask them.

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