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By Chineze Ogugua

More than 20 people have been seriously injured after an escalator ran out of control at a Rome metro station few hours before the UEFA Champions league game between Roma and CSKA Moscow.

cska moscow accident

Footage shared on social media showed people being crushed at the bottom as stairs on the escalator crumpled. Many of those injured were believed to be fans of the visiting Russian football team CSKA Moscow.

One of the fans had a foot partially severed in the crush. At least two others needed surgery for injuries to their legs.

cska moscow accident

Witnesses quoted by police said the Russian fans had been singing and jumping before the escalator gave way.

There was panic as people ploughed into each other at the bottom and one person was hauled to safety by a man on a parallel escalator.

Meanwhile, Rome officials have opened an investigation into what happened though the local transport authority Atac have said that maintenance checks on the station’s escalators were carried out on a monthly basis.

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