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Game of Thrones is a show that has captured the attention of people for ten years and has found a way to make us grow with each and every character up until season 8. Over and over again, Game of Thrones puts a character at a power disadvantage that puts them into a position of weakness. We spend time with this character and watch as they fight their way from weakness to power, coming to understand their perspective. Who would have thought that a once meek young woman would publicly challenge her half-brother and insist on punishing the kin of those who betrayed her family? Here are some of the GOT characters with the best character development:

Theon Greyjoy

Image of Theon Grey Joy from Game of Thrones

Played by Alfie Allen, Theon is probably one of the initial weakest characters of the entire show. Even ‘Hold Door’ was braver at some point. But he managed to change and grow from this to the guy who managed to survive the torturing of Ramsay Bolton. He somewhat redeems himself by saving Jeyne Poole at Winterfell knowing the consequences and independently overcoming his identity crisis. Almost all of his previously defining character traits are gone, especially his notorious interest in women – well this could be because he was castrated by Ramsey. But with the way things are going, its looking like Theon may not only get to redeem himself with the Stark family, but also get to be rewarded with a possible marriage of a lifetime! Jeez! We would love to see what kind of person he becomes in the upcoming episodes.

Jamie Lannister:

Image of Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones

Played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jaime went from full on villain to saving grace in a matter of eight seasons. Jaime went from arguably one of the most horrid characters to a man that we kind of love.  He somehow manages to gradually regain a sense of morality and justice. He has developed so much that we have almost forgotten that he’s the same person who pushed Bran Stark out of a window in the first season.

Sansa Stark

Image of Sansa Stark

Played by Sophie Turner, started out as a naive thirteen year old who was more deeply invested in others’ opinions of her and her family.  After her father was murdered, she became far more fearful. If she spoke or said something out of turn, Joffrey, Cersei, and eventually her husband, Ramsay Bolton, would punish her for it.  When she escaped King’s Landing with Littlefinger, a whole new Sansa was born with a whole new look complete with a dye job. Sansa’s strength in the face of Ramsay’s abuse had us respecting her resolve in finding a way out of her horrific circumstances. Despite these devastating circumstances, she persevered. Often, and unfairly, disparaged by fans, many didn’t take her character seriously until Season 6 or 7 when she fully came into her own and began acting independently.

By Dammy Eneli

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