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We’re better than you. Yes… we are. Look at us, swagging in our daps. I don’t think you understand this properly. I am wearing a pair of BLACK leather monkstraps.
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Toyin’s heels are too dope to stay on the ground. Look at her, she’s practically glowing. She floats angelically above the loud concrete. I mean, I can’t even…

better than you#

We have a stylist on set! This shoot was curated by the gracious Bella Adeleke. We have got Mr. Laah behind the image capture machine. I’ve said too much. What is going on here? You can smell the swag from the elevator.
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Can you see that limited edition Orange Culture garm glistening on me? What are we really talking about here? What is better? Better is the state of having immaculate black skin like mine. Can you see the smile on my face?

Unlike you, I have nothing to worry about. It’s part of what makes me so much better than you. I am fully alive in this moment, immaculately adorned with the greatest creature on the planet, the woman, nwanyi, obinrin, Toyin of life! The difference between me and you is that while you’re busy right now inventing uninformed opinions as you read this, I, on the other hand, am here actually doing something. You’re there talking in your head, listening to that idea you have of your voice, as it repeats the different statements people have been telling you all your life. I’m here teaching you how to write long interesting sentences and flexing my comma use.

We all need to be more active in our lives. Half of us are struggling through repressed lives, denying ourselves the pleasures or at least, the peace of mind of scratching that itchy curiosity that makes us human in the first place. You really don’t have to struggle through it – Life is Eazi! We as mankind tend to revere the pioneer, celebrate them, want to be them and in turn, end up not wanting to do anything they didn’t do. I like to question that notion.


The first person to do something is forever the last, not in a biblical sense but in the sense of understanding the world around us. We as humans build on ideas, we develop them by iterating on them, either by destroying aspects of an existing idea to make a new one or by adding two different ideas into a new one. If not for the first person who invented the wheel, we wouldn’t have had cars but at the same time, the person who invented the wheel couldn’t have even fathomed cars. She’s dead now and therefore, carried last. I say she because c’mon, look around you – na women get sense pass. The only battle men seem to have won is the battle of “being less emotional” which in itself is a load of bull garri. At the end of the day, what are emotions? They are the glasses we use to look at the world and identify what we want as a species. Clearly, being more emotional is an advantage. But emotion without logic? Is that better? But let’s get back to me being better than you.

I have that cheesy smile on my face because I have nothing to worry about. I’ve killed my idols, destroyed the pioneers and I suggest you do so too. Your life will never be in their footsteps. You will never be them but better yet, they will never be you. So, stop repressing your desires and curiosity; and instead of you putting me on a pedestal or sharpening your ax to cut my podium down, have a second thought and realize that even though I’m better than you, you’re better than me too.

Written by Noble King

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