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Happiness is free. It comes at no cost. Yet, some of us deprive ourselves of this great healthy virtue. Regardless of environmental and internal factors that may be economic or social related, happiness is the easiest, cheapest cure for sorrow, dejectedness and even most ailments. The fact is that you may be the architect of your own unhappiness due to some actions you do. If you are serious about ending your unhappy episodes, here are the things you should stop doing:

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Brooding about the past

The past is gone. You can’t do anything to bring it back, unless you want to get stuck in the past. You should live in the present because you have unlimited potentials to improve it and make it better. Notwithstanding, ensure you learn from the mistakes of your past so that you won’t repeat same errors again.

Overlooking little achievements

You should reward yourself no matter the level or degree of achievement. You can treat yourself to a special meal or buy yourself a gift. You don’t need to go all out. If you overlook these small achievements, you will feel as if you have never done anything significant with your life and unhappiness will begin to set in.

Allow annoying events to affect your whole day

You had a little fight with your girlfriend or you were unable to submit an assignment and you are allowing it to destroy your day. That means for that whole day, you will be unhappy. This is not good for you. Fact is, whether you are unhappy or not, weighed down or not, that does not solve the problem. Real actions solve problems, not brooding. Whenever something unpleasant happens, think about it a little; get rid of it and move on.


You are on a winning streak because of your own personal hard work and dedication. However, due to all these achievements, you begin to take things for granted. You become overconfident and arrogant. Sooner, rather than later, you will become unhappy when the effect of your complacency dawns on you.

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Spending hours on social media

Social media has the tendency to make people sad. This is because people post the best version of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Repeated exposure to all these posts of a ‘good life’ on social media can make you despair and unhappy, because you think these people are better than you and have a superior life than you. To tackle this, reduce the hours you spend in checking other people’s profiles and pictures.

You hold grudges

Someone offended, but you are unable to forgive the person. The truth is that you are only hurting yourself because the grudges you hold will eat you up. You begin to feel hatred and this is the prettiest road to dejection.

You ignore your relationships

Relationships are essential to being happy. So, try to reconnect with your family, friends, lover and parents. Fanning the embers of your relationships can make you really happy.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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