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It is all too easy to wake up one day and decide to start your own business, thinking you will make money immediately.

Fact is, under normal circumstances, that should have been the case, but life owes no one anything, so it is up to you to pick up yourself and work your way to success.

So if you are tired of working for someone, or you don’t even have a job, here are essential tips that can ensure success when you start your business.

  1. Think: Don’t just jumpstart a business because it seems to be trending. Get a pen and paper and think, then write down your thoughts. Write down the pros and cons of each business idea you think of. This will guide your choice of business.
  2. Capital: One common mistake most youths make when starting a business is that they assume they need so much money for start up. Surprise surprise, you don’t. Start small. Very small. Engage in serious planning and budgeting, expect nothing in return for the first few months, reinvest,  and put in great efforts and your business is on its way to success.
  3. Quality: One thing to watch out for is the quality of the product you sell or the service you render. Your watch word should be ‘making a difference.’
  4. Publicity: Businesses grow through referral. The treatment you give your customers determines how they will refer you to someone else and how your business will grow. So take your time and render the best service you can.
  5. Growth: Patience is the greatest virtue that can help your business to grow. It takes patience, to reinvest your first set of profits; to not spend as money comes in; to settle for one business, regardless of its challenges.


NB: An extra point: Open an Access Bank account and talk to the representatives to help you grow your business idea.

So step out of that fear and go for your business now. It is not as hard as you think.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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