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You know, sometimes, it’s really easy to forget that good things happen. Life comes at you fast and with one piece of good news usually comes about forty bad ones. It’s easy to be down trodden and it’s easy to lose hope. But the thing is, you really shouldn’t. Cos apparently, good things do happen.




I woke up today in a very blase mood. I wasn’t sad but I wasn’t happy either. It was just another Monday morning and I was just another worker on her way to work. All very mundane and boring. But all morning long, I kept getting good news. And it made me realize that despite the humdrum drudgery of every day life, awesome things still happen!

What’s funny is that none of these things happened to me oh. I read about famous Nigerian musician Runtown being featured on a worldwide music chart. I saw all the black actors winning big at the Golden Globes. I reread Que Peller’s interview where he discussed how lucky and happy he is that he somehow managed to get two things he loved to work. Nothing good is happening to me right now. But good things happen. Every day. And eventually, they’ll happen to me.

And you too.

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