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There are basically three types of people, according to a survey. There are people who sit and wait for things to happen to them; people who try a little to get what they want; and people who simply go for what they want and won’t stop until they get it. Which of these people do you think would achieve greatness?


Those highlights are pretty straightforward, you would think, but let’s understand them a bit more.

First category: You might overlook the first category of people who sit and wait or even scorn them. How can you sit around hoping things happen to you, you would say, because you are so focused and driven. But here’s the thing, some of us are in this category without even knowing it.

Not everyone in this category is just some lay about, who does not dare to dream. In fact, there are times that this is the best category to be in. There are times that you have done all you can and you must simply wait for the right thing to come to you. But these are not the people that we scorn today.

It’s the people who believe that life owes them something. You have studied everything possible, graduated top of your class, went straight for your masters, maybe at Harvard, graduated top again, you studied a definite course, like engineering, medicine, accounting, etc, because those already define what you end up as and you have worked hard to get there. You even sacrificed relationships in school, were totally, absolutely studious, served God, etc. Then you finish and then you wait. You submit CVs and then wait for a call. Oh my, you will so wait!

Or the ones who finish anyhow and wait for an uncle, aunty or even their father to get them fixed somewhere where they can earn millions. Once again, you will wait ehn.

There’s one more set who are not even waiting for a job. Why work hard when they can wait for their parents to hook them up with their rich friend’s son to marry them and they just sit at home and enjoy someone else’s riches. Once again you will wait!

Are these people sounding familiar yet?


Second category: These ones aren’t so bad. They try, but not too much. ‘I cannot come and go and kill myself,’ they say. They study hard, but not too hard. They finish and go for the very first thing they find for themselves. As long as they are earning something, no matter how small. Remember the saying: half bread is better than none.

They may have an idea of what they want to do with their lives, but they don’t know how to get there, so they scavenge around for crumbs, hoping one day they will get there. Or they are not even sure who they want to be eventually (many Mass Communication, English and Arts graduates may fall in this category), but they just want to make money. Therefore, today they are reporters, tomorrow, they have taken another offer to be a producer, next tomorrow, they are actors, next week, they have taken a job in a bank, because they cannot come and die.

This is a very comfortable category, so don’t feel too bad if you fall here. Many Nigerians are here. We all just need to survive. Forget dreams, we will fulfill them when we have made enough money.


Third category: These people are called the desperate people. And you know what they say about desperate people? They eventually get what they are looking for.

These people know what they want from the onset. Or they pick up what they want at some point in the journey and that’s it. There is no stopping these people. These people will leave their well-paying jobs to follow their dreams, they will turn down juicy offers to achieve what they want, they will approach the most unapproachable people to give them what they want and guess what? They get what they want.

You can call them hustlers, but we call them the desperate people. It takes a lot of courage and brevity to be in this category. But it also takes vision, strategy and wit. You must know what you want, figure out how to get there and then go for it.

That’s the kind of life that really has purpose. So which one do you want to be? Remember, life is all about choices. Choose your category wisely.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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