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Being original, contrary to popular opinion, is not dead. What it is, is scary. When everybody seems to enjoy things the way they are, the idea of trying to suggest something new, something no one has seen before, can be daunting. So most people just go with whatever exists. Take fashion for example. There was a time where everywhere you looked, people were wearing oleku’s. Left, right, centre, all you could find were girls in oleku. Yet, what I remember most about that time aren’t the girls with the brightest, boldest, best oleku’s. What I remember is the girls who wore something different.


The point is, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Everything that we have now was once an original idea one person had. Instead of just following the crowd or imitating others, be original. As you start your week, make sure to be the one leading the crowd. Make  sure to be the one others are imitating.

Be original!


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