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Written by Rolat-Abiola Folake (4lake)

Who are You?

You are who you are when you want to be you or not depending on how you choose to be you. Its simply an acronym (according to 4lake) for Your Own Universe.

Sometimes, the YOU you see or are isn’t the YOU you want to be. You look around you and see the YOU you think is perfect in others. You start pretending to be to be another YOU (very stressful I assure you) hurting yourself and those who like, love or know the real you.

Why search for the YOU which isn’t you when you can easily develop the YOU that you are to the YOU of your dreams?

If the real YOU is fat, my friend work out to the size of the YOU you want to be, if the real YOU is dull then work out the brilliant YOU, if the real YOU is poor or from a poor background, do not indulge in lies and deceit, make that poor YOU a rich YOU.
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Remember, YOU are what YOU are and what YOU make yourself.


YOU matter.

Have a blessed week.

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