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So, you have insecurities? But then again, who doesn’t?

My friends always call me the confident one but truth is I fought insecurities for a very long time; actually, I still fight daily.


I struggled with the way I looked, with performance in school, and the way I was perceived by the opposite sex, with numerous things, really.

Typically, our insecurities are formed and shaped as a result of early experiences in life. The way we are treated by others or even the way we see people around us treat each other.

As we grow older, these experiences combine to form a sort of inner critic, which keeps telling you why you can’t do certain things or why you’re not good enough.

Now, it’s one thing to say you want to beat your insecurities, and it’s another thing to actually do so. But the fact is the first step to doing so is telling yourself that you can.

As I earlier mentioned, I struggled for a long time with how I looked.
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I was the overly tall, lanky and curveless “black” girl.


But, once I identified what the problem was (which was basically society image of the perfect girl being the fair, coca cola shaped girl), I began to rid myself of all those wrong perceptions and began to tell myself why they were wrong and all the reasons why I was beautiful and perfect in my own skin.

It was hard, but definitely worth it. The best part is that after this, I began to notice all the people who admired the exact way I looked. Even better, the curves started filling out eventually.

So, believe you are worth it and that once you set your mind to it, you can definitely do it.

Written by Ewomazino Gold

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