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So, a lot of people typically ask this question. How do I become a better person? They want to be better; better at their jobs, at relationships, at networking and a bunch of other stuff.

And truth be told, there is a ton of material out there on how to improve on you. Motivational speakers, authors and life coaches all have theories and even experiences on how to improve oneself.

While all of these tips are helpful, the truth is no one knows you like you. Deep within us, we know who we really are and what we can accomplish. We just like to seek some sort of validation from others. It’s human nature.

Neither I nor any other person can tell you how to be more you than you can tell yourself. The best we can offer is telling you how to reach that point whereby you can identify your real worth within you.

self assessment

Self analysis: The first step in self improvement is honest self analysis. We can all sit back and ask ourselves pertinent questions to analyze the goals we’ve set for ourselves, how well we are doing on those and what more we can do with regards to achieving the already set goals and setting even higher standards.

Positive Vibes Only

Positive Vibes Only: This is not just a social media hashtag. Surrounding yourself with positivity in your thoughts, actions and company of people helps you focus more on yourself and less on others. It also helps to boost self-confidence and promotes productivity.

Rugged Determination

Rugged Determination: Overall, if you do not make the determination to improve on yourself, all these other steps might as well go in the bin. Remember, the power to write your story lies with you and no one is going to improve on you except you.

Written by Ewomazino Gold

IG: @zinogold1; Website: www.zinorocks.blogspot.com

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