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Perhaps no other day of the week is as hated as Monday.  It’s the first day of the workweek—a day to make things happen.
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So, don’t spend another Sunday night dreading what’s coming. Take action to help yourself love Mondays again. We share ways to fall in love with Monday again.


Wake up and smile

Imagine waking in the morning and smiling on a Monday morning. There is no feeling like that. It’s a way to tell your brain that today is going to be a great day. Think of something that makes you happy. Take a big stretch and get up and start your day.

Be grateful for what you have

Your Monday probably isn’t that bad. Think of people who are less fortunate than you and give than for what you have. Be grateful for your health and your career. Without these things, life would not be as beautiful, would it?

Tell yourself you’re beautiful

This can be a real challenge, but it should be one of the habits you should imbibe. Like anything else, it gets easier with practice. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Pick out one or two things that you love about yourself and acknowledge them.

Dish out three compliments daily

You will not only will you most likely make someone else’s day, but you will feel a sense of happiness and kindness within yourself.

Reconnect with your purpose

Why are you here? What is your purpose in life? Sometimes we just need to take a few minutes to ask yourselves these kinds of questions. Your schedule is often so busy and cluttered, that you forget what your true purpose is. Align yourself with what gives your life meaning and allows you to feel fulfilled.

Take a time-out

During a crazy day, it’s essential that you stop, close your eyes, and breathe. Even if it’s just for a few moments, take the time to reconnect with yourself. A short five-minute time-out can make a world of a difference during a chaotic Monday in the office.

By Damilola Faustino

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