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Written By Damilola Faustino

You are human. There are days you won’t feel like doing anything and you just want to lounge and sleep for the whole day. At this point, you damn everything you have read about procrastination or penalty. You do not really care! In summary, you do not have the inspiration to work. The question now is where will you get that inspiration? It is a given that you will not find it with your friends! You will be the one to pick yourself and do whatever you want to do. Here’s how you can motivate yourself to do anything even when you are absolutely unwilling!

Don’t think about it as hard work

The problem with some people is that they think whatever they want to do is hard work! Since they already have that registered in their minds, it will definitely be difficult for them to start whatever they are supposed to do. So, no matter how humongous your task may be, always think that it is easy!

Create small achievable goals

Since you now have the mindset that the task is easy, you should break it down into small achievable task. This will make it simpler and easier to perform. So, rather than focusing on a large goal, take one thing at a time, and divide the big goal into ideas you can do one at a time.

Read daily

Many of us have stopped reading. This is probably because we do not have the time or we have lost our reading culture. Developing your daily reading habit will undoubtedly influence your thought process and definitely help you understand the need to work hard. This will only happen if you read the right books.

Stop caring about the things that don’t matter

There is no need telling you that you need a to-do list to make your task easy. So, scrutinise that list thoroughly and remove things that are unnecessary and probably demotivating. In addition, if it is something that is out of your control, try to stop caring or worrying about it.

Set a quit time

You can only work very hard for several hours. So, whether you set a quit time or not, your body will shut down and you will be forced to take breaks. Before it gets to that point, set a time you will stop and keep to it.

Celebrate wins/reward yourself

Every little success is worth celebrating. Always remember that. This does not mean you should go all out though. A bottle of soft drink or something is enough!

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