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Your habits, routines and rituals will ultimately determine your destiny. What you think, say and do over a consistent period of time forms a pattern or habit in your life and the sad reality is most people simply run the wrong patterns and habits over and over again and that is what stops them from having any significant level of success.

Your life wont change if you don’t change- what you do on a daily basis can make those daily changes in your life and they can guide you but its you who has to be disciplined and strong enough to form powerful and purposeful daily habits and routines.

Your life up to this point in time was already scripted out by your past habits and choices and the same is going to be true for your future. so what habits are you going to change right now?

Play time is over! You have to take charge of your life and it starts right now by taking charge of your daily routines, rituals and habits.

Damilola Okejide

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