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Often times we tend to look at life from the pedestal we are placed upon, it could be high or not so high but truly we are the architects of our own outcome.

We lead our lives as society sees fit; you’re born, you say your first words, you go to schooool for a very long time, where each “o” represents each school branch you will attend (yeah the last “o” is for those gunning for a master’s degree) get a job , get married and achieve perceived happiness.

Let’s assume your name is Lory- you are a badass renegade, you always go against the norm, every entrance you make is a flying drop kick sticking it up to the “man”(only in your mind) but you have the most orthodox parents in the world. Your life becomes an unstable state of conundrum.

That textbook life is what you despise the most, but you love to see the grin of achievement in your parent’s faces. Rebellion hits you as you can no longer live in false pretense, the feeling to elope is the most likely option and now all you need now is a reason.

Hi! Lory, your very distant Aunt with the loosely tied head scarf, looking ready to stir that Jollof rice comes over with a bunch of other relatives. The jollof rice is cooking, your aunt stirring vehemently, you look into the cauldron where it is being cooked,  to your amusement you see green peas in the jollof rice being prepared, you are left flip flopping because you know that green peas is only added to your jollof rice when it is a serious occasion (I’m laughing at you) , Your mum pulls you aside and hits with that Nollywood subtle style “MY DAUGHTER” informs you that you are of age to marry and have invited a guy over to come check out the goods.

At this point you just lay on your back, take yourself to a world where you are gliding the sky, feeling the burning adrenaline from free fall and all the elements of clear waters massage your cheeks with an uncontrollable grin, for that is what brings you solace in the life that is not self-constructed.

Now for those who aren’t Lory, I ask you, how have you shaped your life’s road to happiness?


Written by Bukunmi Ajiboye

Image: thefix.com

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