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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

It is true that things don’t always work out. It’s just how life is. Win some, lose some. But there are some people you just see and wonder how they seem to have everything working out for them. They just seem so satisfied with their situation at every point in time, and frankly, that situation is one that will probably satisfy you too. You just wish for it. Yes, karma and life happen, but there are ways to position yourself in the place to make things work for you too. Here’s how:

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  1. Show some enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is a great way to stay positive and staying positive requires being generally grateful. Even if you are sad or indifferent, there is something great about having an attitude of gratitude. And when you are grateful, the universe seems to work things out in your favour. There are no hard and fast rules to this, but it is common knowledge that staying positive culls favour your way.
  2. Be Intentional: See, life does not just happen to people. You make life happen. You want something, you have to go for it. If there is alife manual, this point would be number one. Don’t just say or think you need a job, fix your mind on the particular one you need and apply in related positions around. Don’t just say you need to have more fun, book tickets to a concert. Don’t just say you need to improve your skills, start searching for courses to help you do that and when you find some, go there, make enquiries and put your money there so that you are forced to see it through. Be intentional.
  3. Follow Through: Now, it is one thing to make an attempt, an effort, start something, but it is an entire other thing to see it through. Now, this does not only apply to projects, this is also for people and letters and notes, etc. It is not enough to send the email containing your CV to an employer, you can send a reminder email, if you have not got a response after a while. It is not enough to search for a training course online, you have to commit to attending; it is not enough to check that lady out, make a move, and then actually do the calling (no one likes to sit around waiting for a call that may never come), etc. Things happen to those you make a move and follow through.
  4. Show Up: It is always nice to show up for people, because you set them in place to show up for you too. The law of karma applies here. Yes, there is traffic and you need to rest and your laundry won’t do themselves, but that wedding will not attend itself also. That interview will not attend it self. That girl will not always come to your house. Basically, set up an appointment and show up.
  5. Pay It Forward: There is something nice about other people being nice to you. When you need help and people show up for you, it makes you feel good, doesn’t it? But in the same way, learn to help other people too. Pay the niceness forward. Do nice things for people with a positive happy attitude and things will happen for you.
  6. Be generous: Generosity is one huge way to open doors for you. Be generous with your money, your love, your time, your ideas, information, knowledge, material things, etc. Be generous and life will be generous to you too.

These are basic ways to make the world work in your favour and if you are not satisfied, just pray – often. That helps too.

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