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One of the major prayer points of some Nigerian employees is for God to soften the heart of their bosses. People complain bitterly about their bosses frustrating their lives at work daily. Hence they have no one to talk to except God. Fine, nobody wants a sadist as boss. However, have you checked yourself to determine the triggers of your boss’s angst? If you have identified the triggers, have you done things to win over your condescending boss?  If not, Here are creative ways to win them over without being a sycophant. Remember your boss can make or mar you.


 —Know how to communicate with your boss

In this Nigerian setting, knowing how to communicate with your boss is essential in bridging the gap between both of you. Do they like corresponding via email, phone or person to person? Also, don’t forget that respect is key in the way you interact with them.

—Do your job very well

Since you were employed to perform a particular task, you have to do it to the best of your abilities. In fact, nobody cares about your painstaking efforts if you do not meet your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Therefore, you have to meet your target and if you do not have a target, you should do your job very well. You would barely have any problems with your boss if you do your job well.

—Be loyal to your boss

Bad-mouthing your boss will never earn you their likeness or favour. They will always search for a way to frustrate and make your life difficult. The rule of thumb is never to talk about your boss with co-workers in the office. Just be loyal, do your job and build a cordial relationship with your boss.

Make your boss’s priorities your priorities

Your boss is there to co-ordinate things and ensure that you and your colleagues meet a set goal. If you do not meet these goals, you are putting your line manager or boss in a very questionable position. This is why some of them are very tough and hard on you. Henceforth, make their priorities your priorities. You do well, your boss will be happy and whoever your boss is reporting to will also be happy and vice versa. This is how the office environment work.

—Volunteer to take on new projects and assignments

Never hesitate to take on new projects and assignments whenever the opportunity arises. Show enthusiasm that you are ready to take on the responsibilities and make sure you complete it on or before the deadline.

—Don’t ask stupid questions

You know when you are told to ask any questions-yes, you can ask any question but do not ask stupid or irrelevant questions. The kind of answer you get will simply make you look stupid.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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