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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

You know that moment when someone asks you, what would you have done differently, if you had the chance to go back in time? Many of us would have lists and lists of what we would have done differently in order to achieve what we want in life. Well, I have compiled a list of these things so see if you can relate with any of them:


  1. Would you have stood up from your bed that day back in school to study, rather than watch movie or gist with your friends? Maybe you would have had better grades if you had.
  2. Would you have professed your love to that girl you liked back then, rather than assume you were out of her league?
  3. Would you have saved that big check you got, rather than spend it all at once?
  4. Would you have ignored your ice cream and chocolate temptation back then, in order to get your desired figure and health status now?
  5. Would you have learnt a skill when you had more time, back in school or during NYSC, rather than now that you need it and you have to struggle to find someone to teach you?
  6. Would you have … ?

Fill in the blank space above with what you would have done differently. But also remember, that time has passed and it is long gone. You no longer have control over it. But you have today, either to make up for lost time from the past, or to build on a new foundation for your future. Whatever result you hope to achieve in future, start today, to make it happen.

Wake up a little earlier if you have to, cut down on calories if you need to, create a target savings account if it will help you save, look for a training school for your desired skill and start today if you want, register for a masters programme if that will help. Whatever you want to achieve, the past is gone, today is here, use the gift of today to build your tomorrow.

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