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Very few people usually feel the need to leave their comfort zone. Why? Simple. It is very comfortable.

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Little do they know that a comfort zone does not actually mean you are comfortable, it can also mean you are stuck. Consequently, you are scared or afraid of leaving that particular position, hence, you strongly fight off anything or anyone who wants to change the situation.

For some, it is that first step you take towards leaving the protection of your parents’ house, and letting them do everything for you; or the fear of leaving that low paying job, because you are already familiar with the environment; or the fear of starting up your own business, because you are still earning something, among so many places we get stuck in.

However, stepping out and taking risks will not only expose you to new dreams and frontiers; it will help you conquer your fears. Here is why you must push yourself out of your comfort zone and experience a whole new world:

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  1. No risk, no reward

The simple truth is if you don’t take risks, you won’t gain any reward. So, if you are serious about being successful, you have to pursue that dream that you have been postponing.


2. Doing the same thing daily kills creativity

When you don’t have something else to do, you have to keep doing same thing week in, week out. You will be unable to think outside the box and this can kill creativity. You have two options, you either look for a way to get out of the rut or pump creativity into whatever you are doing.

3. Great things never come from comfort zones

Greatness doesn’t come by remaining in your comfort zone. To be great, you have to step out, network, and meet people whom you can work with. You will be able to unleash your greatness and potentials to the world by doing this. In addition, you will set yourself up for success.

4. You will learn something new

Whether you fail or not, you will always learn something new. The experiences you get will shape you to become a better and more exposed individual.


5. Change will happen

Change is the constant thing in life. However, the problem is that many of us are afraid of change. So, we vehemently refuse any attempt to quit the comfort zone. But, when we leave our comfort zone, we will definitely change because we are no longer stuck. Our confidence will skyrocket and we will overcome our fears.


6. Regret is inevitable

Since change is inevitable. It must surely happen because you will be forced out. When you eventually leave, you feel positive vibes. Despite this, you will still regret that you didn’t get out early enough. So, before it is too late, take a decision today to leave your zone.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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