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In the words of the great Jay Z: “This ain’t no tall order this is nothing to me, difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.” Which in fancy non rapper speak we understand to mean that with the right attitude, you can do absolutely anything you want to do. Words like ‘difficult’ and ‘impossible’ clearly don’t phase Jay Z and they shouldn’t phase you either!

    Jay z

“Bey’s husband, Blue’s daddy, Gem Dropping Rap God”

Continuing with our Words from Wise Rappers theme, check out this quote from AKA: “I had to pay dues, had to make moves on faith, even got booed off stage, trying to put food on plate, dropped a couple jewels on tape.” Layman translation? We all have to go through a lot to get what we want and there’ll be set backs and rejections and maybe even people booing you off a stage but at the end of the day, if you stay focused and keep doing what you need to do, it’ll all be worth it.


“See? Even his fashion pose is him focussing!”

We hope the Words of the Wise Rappers got you as pumped for the week as we are! Take their wisdom to heart this week, go forth and flourish!